I created a digital installation that touches on the topic of recycling in the design industry. My inspiration came from a podcast that I listened to with the writer, critic, curator, and designer Justin McGuirk. Justin currently is the chief curator at the Design Museum and spoke about the fact that designers need to focus on how to re-use materials, and that we can do more harm than good in a lot of ways when it comes to our environment. When McGurik was asked what topics or issues he believes young designers should be thinking more about, he answered that designers need to think more about design in relation to our planet and that our society has programmed us into making a proliferation of stuff. He said that designers need to find a balance between creating as much as they want, without stopping our culture as designers and artists, but also focus on the world of sustainability, and that essentially as designers we are really incrusting out earth with out lifestyles. 
These are photographs of my installation!

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